Support us

1:  Gift

If you have the means and the desire to help us without any other commitment, you make a donation for which the association will send you directly the tax receipt for the purpose of tax reduction (for individuals or for corporations). 

2: Shareholding member (this option will be availble later).

If you want to engage with us on this path, which is open to all, without any preconditions other than those animated by the values described in the statutes, you make a contribution (or investment) according to your means.

This contribution [or investment] (starting at € 1 per year, for the most disadvantaged) will give you the possibility to become an associate [or member] of “Links”. Upon completion of our 4 projects, Links will be transformed into a distribution and publishing cooperative. On its platform “products” or “services” which correspond to the goals of the association will be made available. The Links membership may be converted into a share in the cooperative.

A share = € 1

If you invest a larger amount, we can invite those who can not afford to participate. For 100 € you help 99 destitute to become associates (or members) to whom we will try to give the tools to get out of misery and  exclusion and provide other advantages which we will tell you about during the evolution of LINKS.

For contributions a tax reduction will be possible up to 18% of the amount of the investment, for individuals only, at the transformation into a cooperative.To become a partner (or member) of Links click on this link

To make a gift or to become a partner (or member) of Links click on this link: