Objectives of the Liens association

Principal Objective

The LIENS association seeks to be effective in society, the environment, and in culture.

To promote a culture of peace

To favor, sustain, and promote the implantation of a culture of peace, of non-violence, and cooperation among all humans in France and throughout the world.

The LIENS association seeks to favor support of people in precarity due to their economic, social, or health conditions, and will seek to contribute to the struggle against their exclusion and the elimination of social and cultural inequalities.

Three principal themes

The Universe
Humanity and the universe. The association will examine the relation between humanity and transcendance, the mystery inherent in the question of the place of humanity in the universe.

Humanity and nature – we will examine the relation between humanity and nature, sustainable development, energy and ecological transition in the context of global warming.

Humans and humans – we will examine human relationships – among individuals, families, and local and international organizations.