In order to equip ourselves with the necessary tools to achieve the expressed objectives, our first action will be to support 4 projects which seem to us indispensable to set the scene:

1:  ‘Living Springs – the digital university of peace’

‘mythologist Joseph Campbell made the passionate argument that what our society most desperately needs is a new story of reality for all of us – not just some chosen group. The story must demonstrate humanity’s connection to all there is, yet be consistent with all we know scientifically.’

Joël R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams,
The View From The Center of the Universe, 2006

This is the challenge of the Living Springs project (Sources Vives), of which you will find the details (in French) by clicking on this link :  Springs of Living Water

2:  Model for a social and solidarity economy

Reflection and development of a social and solidarity economic model in the domaine of commerce applicable to all as well as the creation of a commercial platform applying the model. You are welcome to visit the first steps of our sales platform : Label 1

3:  Bank and payment mechanisms

Reflection and development of a bank and payment mechanisms which fulfill the criteria deriving from the economic model.  In partnership with : The Bank of the Commons 

4:  Network – ethical ecological and social solidarity

Creation of a network in France and throughout the world of individuals and institutions wanting to strive for the expressed objectives, in a spirit of cooperation, and ethical, ecological, and social solidarity. That is each and every one of you.